The Rosewood Movement


"The Rosewood Movement" is a fashion initiative
in which Kanye West and his group wear the same sharply tailored suits.
It stems from the Rosewood Civil Rights Movement,
but in this case is meant to raise
the level of sophistication within the rap and hip hop worlds.

K-West is known to be a fashion trend setter,
so this is meant to influence his followers to dress a bit sharper.
The current dress code is a Dior Homme Black Classic Skinny Suit.
It is sold in Beverly Hills and New York City boutiques and retails for $2,200.
It is available during every season.

K-West has explained in interviews that
"the Rosewood Movement"
is much more than just a fashion statement.
It also includes good manners, no profanity in public,
“calling your grandmother” and “taking care of your kids.”

After all these,
I only can say:
What a Awesome Guy!!!